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In addition to the regulations imposed by the bylaws of Pamplona and the Navarre Act on bullfighting events, described in another section of this website, in order to participate in the bull running with some "guarantee" of success, a series of recommendations need to be followed as dictated by the experience of those runners who have run dozens of bull runs over many years:

- Ask advice from more experienced runners as to what to do and, above all, what not to do; bull running, like everything else, is learnt gradually.

- Sleep before running, even just for a few hours; never run as a way to end the night's revelry.

- Never run with moccasins, sandals, hard boots, high-heeled shoes and, still less, with flip flops.

- Be careful when the ground is wet, the bulls can slip up, but so can you..

- Do not run crazily ahead, without looking behind; in the bull run the danger lies behind not in front.

- Do not deceive yourself as to your physical stamina and your gift for sports; bulls run faster than you, so constantly check the speed of the herd to ensure you do not get trampled on by the bulls.

- When withdrawing, do so carefully; the majority of incidents with the bulls occur when runners are standing still or have fallen over.

- Never stop to watch a stray bull go by; carry on running forward and get as far away as possible.

- If in trouble, throw yourself on the ground to one side, do not try and climb the fence, the bull will get to you first..

- Never run behind the herd; when the bulls overtake you, withdraw to one side and stop..

- After the race, always look behind to check for stray bulls.

- To sum up: there are three simple recommendations: "look" "look" and "look".